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"Tips When Running Background Checks for Employment"

It is not enough to only know where a person is from or basic information like their names to ascertain safety. Being safe and intelligent, especially as an employer, entails getting as much information as possible on the people you bring closer to you.

This is also important if you are entrusting them to make many choices and decisions for your organization. This is why there is a need for proper background checks.

What does a background check for employment entail?

Background check for employment means carrying out precise, accurate, and concise risk-preventing investigations on potential employees and recruits before hiring them.

What is the most common background check for employment?

The most common background check for hire is going to be a comprehensive pre-employment screening package depending on your industry and overall risk tolerance.

Why there is a need to carry out a background check before employment

To protect not only your staff, clients and or customers but your business as a whole. As an employer, there are various things you should put into place to ensure that you hire the right people. This is to avoid problems that could occur later on.

It is not enough to say “I know him” or “A friend said he is reliable.” To know more about a person requires further checks into their profiles. The first thing to do is to run a background check on potential employees and applicants.

Running a competent and thorough background check helps to eliminate potential risks, confirm dates, degrees, qualifications, and other specific information submitted for accuracy. It will also help you make the best hiring decisions.

Ways carrying out a background check for employment is beneficial to the employer and the employees.

  1. It protects the employer and the company from any hazards.

  2. It curbs the dangers hiring the employee might bring to other workers, the workspace, or the company’s credibility.

  3. Most of the problems that occur in organizations, offices, and industries that result in violence could have been resolved had the employers or recruiters done a more thorough search into the people they employed.

To ensure that you and your company are hiring the right persons, a background or DBS check should be done.

Things to look for when running a background check for employment

When carrying out a background check, it is essential to look for the following;

  1. Prior work history: This entails the places where the individual has worked before applying to your company. A person whose work history shows that they have held employment in criminal organizations or industries is not what you want for your company.

  2. Educational qualifications: Most employers have specifics on the type of job they have to offer. If you are looking to employ someone in the accounting department, their educational qualifications or credentials should be related to degrees gotten in accounting. You cannot hire a person who has no idea or experience at the job.

  3. Drug test reports: A drug test helps you to know if the person you are hiring is the kind who will have proper work etiquette or come into the office intoxicated and unable to work. Achieving effectiveness demands attention and sobriety, amongst others.

  4. Criminal record: A background check to reveal criminal records is essential to filter out potential candidates from others who will negatively influence and affect the company’s status. It is also critical in safeguarding the lives and welfare of employees.

  5. Driving history and record: Employers sometimes overlook this. If you are to employ someone in charge of company vehicles, this is an important aspect. It is also an added benefit to be sure that they meet all the criteria for safety purposes.

  6. Relationships with former employees: To promote efficiency, the employee and employer need to have a good working relationship. You do not want to hire a person who has a reputation of being disruptive, nonchalant, uncooperative, and unwilling to work.

Things to note when carrying out a background check for employment

While doing background checks, it is vital as an employee or contract recruiter to run double-checks with third-party background check sites and manual investigations. This is especially necessary in cases where some information is sealed off from the record.

Also, in situations where the red flags in an applicant’s application are not due to past wrongdoings but errors, it would be a shame to lose a good employee to something that could have been prevented or easily corrected.

Keep in mind that your methods must comply with the laid down rules of the Federal Trade Commission Policies while carrying out background checks.


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