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"The 18 Best Private Investigator TV Shows for Those Who Love All Things PIs"

There are plenty of crime dramas and detective TV shows currently out on the market today. It’s a genre that’s jam-packed and yet, writers never seem to run out of jaw-dropping storylines to keep us on the edge of our seats with every episode.

With these crime shows, the detectives on the case are part of an organization like the local police department (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, True Detective), forensic crime units (the entire CSI franchise), or federal agencies like the CIA or FBI (Homeland, Quantico, Criminal Minds). The detectives and agents, in this case, have an array of tools and resources at their disposal – on top of their skills both physically and mentally. More often than not, these guys are tasked with solving large-scale crimes that strike high on the radar.

Sadly, we can’t just get the FBI to help out on smaller crimes, right? That’s usually a job for the local police department.

However, some people prefer to employ the services of a private investigator instead. Whether it’s to gather information for attorneys in civil and criminal cases, to conduct surveillance measures on personal cases, or solve the smaller cases that the cops just can’t expend manpower or resources on.

As a show of appreciation for PIs, both in our favorite series’ and in real life, we’ve put together a list of the best private investigator TV shows that feature the life and work of private detectives!

Let’s kick it off, shall we?

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Author: Kristiana Kripena

Last Updated: 07/06/2021

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