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"Five Years Later, Case of Missing Mountain View Woman Still Active"

The case of a Mountain View woman who has been missing for over five years is still active, according to Mountain View Police Chief George Bethel.

Thursday was the 48th birthday of Linda D. Brewer. Brewer (pictured) went missing from Mountain View on Feb. 28, 2016, and her case has been an active one since April of that year when the Mountain View Police Department declared Brewer as a “missing person.”

Chief Bethel said since Brewer’s disappearance, there has been a lot of technological advancement in the way law enforcement can search for a person.

“The technology that is available to us now is helping us out a lot with cell phone forensics and computer forensics and stuff that wasn’t available to the MVPD at that time,” Bethel told White River Now’s Gary Bridgman. “But we’ve reached out and got the assistance of a major metropolitan police department that has a cold case unit, and we’ve been working with them, sharing our information with them, and seeing if there’s something that we might’ve missed that they can pick up on.”

“We’re not going to forget her,” Bethel said. “We’re doing everything that we can to track her down.”

Linda Brewer is a white female, standing just over 5 feet with blonde hair and green eyes. At the time of her disappearance, she weighed approximately 124 pounds.

If you have any information on Linda D. Brewer or her whereabouts, contact the Mountain View Police Department at (870) 269-4211.

Author: White River Now

Date: Friday, July 9, 2021

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