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"Dog Reunited With Family In North Miami-Dade Thanks To Private Pet Investigator"

NORTH MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – After eight agonizingly long days, a beloved family dog has been reunited with its family thanks to a popular local pet detective in South Florida (and a Good Samaritan walking down a street).

According to the family, it all started when their 7-year-old, female Yorkshire Terrier named Clovy was left at the parking lot of the Humane Society of Greater Miami in North Miami Beach miles from home.

Then, she went missing.

For the past eight days, the family had been desperately looking for their pet, spending Thursday putting up flyers all over.

Clovy is only four pounds, and her family was desperate to find her. 15-year-old Madison Cortez and her father had been looking everywhere.

“Just give us our dog back its all we want,” proclaimed Cortez.

However, on Friday, they got the reunion they were dreaming of. “I’m so happy that she’s here,” says Cortez.

The family says their four-pound pup got out during a thunderstorm last week.

According to Cortez, a surveillance video from a Westpark neighborhood showed Clovy and a white car before she was picked up by the person.

The family desperately hired a popular local private pet investigator of lost and stolen pets, Jamie Katz, who used a dog to track Clovy’s scent.

Katz ended up discovering surveillance video of what appears to be Clovy being dropped off six miles away by the same white car at the Humane Society of Greater Miami.

“I think she had good intentions to bring her here, but because they were closed, the good intentions went out the door,” explained Katz of the person responsible.

Katz then tracked Clovy’s scent about two miles south of the Humane Society.

Now, the family has been reunited thanks to Katz and the help of an eagle-eyed, pup-loving, Good Samaritan who spotted the tiny dog on the street.

“Be really careful with your pets,” says Katz. “Just in case.”

“I have no words to say how grateful I feel,” says Cortez.

Date: Published: July 8, 2021 4:14 pm

Updated: July 9, 2021 6:09 pm

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