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"6 Common Divorce Questions and Answers"

Divorce is a complicated process that requires plenty of effort and time to waste to make it beneficial. The more you prepare for the process, the easier the divorce procedure will pass, and the better outcomes will be. So, if you have any divorce questions, start your education right now so that you get ready for drastic life changes with no hassle.

How to File a Divorce?

To initiate a divorce, you need to serve petition or divorce papers to your spouse. After that, you can file for divorce to the state court personally or apply for a divorce online. Your spouse will have commonly 21 days to respond to your petition. This is where the divorce process begins.

You and your partner decide whether to opt for an amicable divorce or settle all the arguments in court. Your task is to decide all the things that are to be divided between you two, including assets, debts, custody, and so on. Note everything down, sign the documents, and you will be happily divorced.

What is the Difference between Divorce and Legal Separation?

One of the top popular divorce questions considers legal separation and divorce. Many couples are advised to try out legal separation before they get divorced or resume their marriage.

Legal separation leaves the couple officially married but grants the ground to move apart and draw the final decision on their marriage eventually. During a legal separation, you can preserve the marriage-related benefits such as joint health insurance. You need to discuss the benefits of legal separation with your family lawyer before you choose it or divorce.

How Much Does Divorce Cost?

This is one of the common things to ask a divorce lawyer and explore yourself. By knowing the estimated divorce cost, you will be able to do your financial planning and care about financial stability after divorce.

The divorce cost depends on the case complicacy and your preparation. If you opt for an amicable divorce and manage to agree on everything with your spouse without any professional assistance, you will spend only a couple of hundred to get your documents reviewed and pay the obligatory sum to the state. On the contrary, if you get a divorce in court and spend months with your divorce attorney trying to win every piece and bit from your spouse, you can easily waste tens of thousands on your procedure.

Besides, you can reduce the divorce cost waste by preparing forms and documents on your own, filing for divorce via the official website or county office, and sorting out all the arguments with your spouse on your own.

Still, it is vital to remember that the divorce outcomes determine the quality of life you have afterward. So, it is worth having at least general consultation from the professionals so that you have a chance to improve your life with the divorce but not vice versa.

How Long Does Divorce Take?

Other commonly asked divorce questions are related to the divorce proceeding time. With the wish to plan a further life, many soon-to-be divorcees are concerned about how long the divorce takes.

As well as with the divorce cost, it all depends on the complicacy of the case. The amicable divorce with everything quickly agreed between the spouses may be finalized in a month or two, while a complicated case with investigations and court hearings may last up to a year or more.

So, if you aim to get through the divorce as fast as possible, try to make amends with your future ex and sort out all the issues peacefully. And remember that a thorough preparation will save your time and money waste significantly.

How Is Property Divided during the Divorce?

When you file for divorce, you need to know that your assets are not always divided 50/50. In many cases, divorcees are surprised to find out the fact. So, this is obvious that property division is one of the leading questions about divorce.

In the USA, the way your property is to be divided during the divorce is determined by the state where you live. If your location is a community property state, expect your assets to be divided equally no matter how each of the spouses has committed to the marriage. In case you live in an equitable distribution state, your property will be divided equitably. This means that your marriage will be thoroughly investigated, and each part’s commitment will be measured to divide the assets accordingly.

How is Custody Decided?

Custody is usually included in the divorce frequently asked questions since parents in divorce are primarily interested in the wellness of their kids. Custody can be agreed upon between parents themselves or in court.

If the court is to decide how to distribute the custodial rights and duties between parents, again, a thorough investigation takes place. A court needs to find out what is best in children’s interest. That is why the parents and children’s relationship, financial state, children’s current place of living, and other details are taking into account to guarantee the best comfortable outcomes for children.

Final Words

The divorce process may be different for every couple regarding the circumstances and conditions around the proceedings. But preparation for your own case with divorce question and answers exploring will prevent you from making common mistakes and increase chances for better outcomes. So, get ready for your divorce thoroughly and reach your happiness eventually.

Date: August 18, 2021

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