Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

The State of Oklahoma is currently ranked as one of the lowest ranked states (49 out of 51) for the care of elderly and disabled adults in nursing homes throughout the United States [*1]. In September of 2018 AARP released the following statistics regarding nursing homes in the State of Oklahoma [*2] [*3]:

*Lowest in the hours of care provided by registered nurses per resident per day;

* Highest in the use of anti-psychotic medications in long-stay patients without a psychiatric diagnosis;

* Highest in the use of anti-psychotic medications in long-stay patients;

* Second in rate of high-risk residents with pressure sores, which can lead to dangerous infections;

* Fourth in the percentage of long-stay residents with a hospital admission;

* Second in percentage of nursing facility residents with low-care needs — patients that could be better served with alternative and less costly services.

We recommend that every family or individual that is considering placing a family member in a nursing home, assisted living center, immediate care facility, adult daycare, or residential care home to first conduct their own research. The Oklahoma State Department of Health offers the public access to every Oklahoma licensed long term care facility's public files which includes surveys, inspections, investigations, enforcement, and certificate documents. These documents can be accessed at the Oklahoma State Department of Health website under

Long Term Care Inspection Surveys on Internet Explorer.

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