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For over 17 years Paradigm Investigations has been investigating cases with the highest standards and ethics. As we pursue investigations it is our endeavor to maintain the highest of standards as we produce exemplary results. We work with like minded colleagues in our field of expertise and hold memberships to strengthen our core values. 

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National Association of Legal Investigators

NALI is about people- people providing special services to and for other people. NALI’s motto is, “without true facts, there can be no justice.” Isn’t that the truth! To that end, the members of NALI endorse, promote and safeguard the highest professional ethics of the legal investigative profession and explore, cultivate, and advance those arts and sciences. Our members routinely provide litigation support investigative services to and for private attorneys and public defenders who practice law in the civil and criminal disciplines. NALI was founded in 1967 and is the oldest and most prestigious association of legal investigators servicing the legal community within the USA and beyond. NALI subsequently created and runs its world renown Certified Legal Investigator Professional Board Certification (CLI) which is still as relevant today as when it was introduced in 1978. Highly skilled, professional Legal Investigators make up the body of NALI’s membership and governing officers and directors. Over the years, NALI has set benchmarks for investigative ethics and established high standards for the practice of legal investigation. We educate, assist, and service our members and their clients. We also provide a plethora of member benefits to assist them in their mission to seek the truth in the name of justice.

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