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Paradigm Investigations is a Private Detective Firm based in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area with over 15-years in business. Our licensed investigative professionals specialize in Civil Litigation, Interviews, Domestic & Child Custody Investigations, Elder Abuse & Neglect Investigations, Witness Locates, and Background Checks. Review our site to learn more about our expert services and offerings, or for additional information about successful past cases in Oklahoma. With a licensed team that boasts over 15 years of experience, we can assure that whatever your particular case may be, it will be in the most capable hands.

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Tulsa's Licensed Private Investigative Professionals

At Paradigm Investigations no case is too complicated for us to handle. Each case begins with a free and confidential initial consultation. Once you decide to work with our Private Detective Firm, we build a team for your case according to its nature and specific requirements. You can trust our professionals to ethically and professionally gather whatever information is required to help you make informed decisions. In every case, we’ll help our clients to the best of our ability, or guide them in the right direction towards the right information they need.

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What We Provide

Get in touch today to find out why Paradigm Investigations has one of the best reputations in the industry. From  undercover investigations to interviews, our team members provide expertise in several fields, which is how we’re able to offer a wide range of investigative services for our clients. If you don’t see a specific service listed on our site, get in touch and we will be sure to assist you to the best of our ability.


The world seems to be turning into a more dangerous place, and this means trusting people blindly is getting harder to do. When you decide to work with Paradigm Investigations we provide you with accurate, honest and timely results. Although many cases are often time-sensitive and always unpredictable, our amazing team of seasoned investigators is well equipped to handle the task responsibly and carefully in order to avoid information leaks and legal missteps.


In-Person Recorded Statements have become crucial for Field Investigators as they are utilized to verify the identity of the individual that is being recorded. In addition to identity verification the Investigator is trained in reading the interviewee during the interview as well as observe body language and tonal inflections to assist in determining if the statement being provided is factual. Our Investigators are throughly trained by industry experts in interviews and interrogations resulting in a high success and closure rate to their clients.




Oklahoma is currently ranked as one of the lowest ranked states (49 out of 51) for the care of elderly and disabled adults in nursing homes throughout the United States [*1]. Paradigm Investigations has been trained by the best abuse & neglect Investigators and top law firms in the United States. We know that profits are often placed over people and we fight for your loved one to ensure justice is fully served. 




Paradigm Investigations has access to multiple databases as well as a broad range of resources and connections when it comes to conducting background checks and locating individuals. Through these databases private investigators are able to obtain information that is not accessible to the general public. We consistently maintain a high success rate as we continue to take an out-of-the-box approach to our cases.

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